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Considerations for FTBs


CONSIDERATIONS FOR FTBS Getting onto the property ladder has always been a challenge, but perhaps even more so at the moment. A report has found that it is currently the most expensive time to be a first-time buyer (FTB) in over 70 years1.  Managing monthly payments Higher mortgage repayments [...]

Considerations for FTBs2024-06-10T15:53:47+01:00

Housing market – a spring update


HOUSING MARKET - A SPRING UPDATE The first few months of 2024 showed some promise for a housing market which is stabilising following a challenging period for buyers and sellers alike. So, with spring well under way, how is the property market faring at the moment? Boost in buyers [...]

Housing market – a spring update2024-05-29T19:08:04+01:00

Do you need a higher level of life cover?


DO YOU NEED A HIGHER LEVEL OF LIFE COVER? Is it time to review your life insurance policy? We understand that it might not be easy to revisit this area, but just because you purchased cover once, it doesn’t mean you no longer have to think about it. Life [...]

Do you need a higher level of life cover?2024-05-13T15:45:33+01:00

Don’t cancel your protection


DON'T CANCEL YOUR PROTECTION With all the economic uncertainty, we understand that it might feel tempting to cut costs where you can by cancelling protection. But it’s more important than ever to have the appropriate cover now so you don’t pay a bigger price further down the line.  More [...]

Don’t cancel your protection2024-04-22T09:43:44+01:00

Are interest rates about to plummet?


ARE INTEREST RATES ABOUT TO PLUMMET? Having barely shifted since last autumn, many analysts expect that interest rates may start edging down. What will that mean for mortgage borrowers and anyone looking to remortgage? Time for a fall? Most analysts agree that interest rates have peaked but there is [...]

Are interest rates about to plummet?2024-03-26T17:05:24+00:00

UK mortgage holders foregoing vital cover


UK MORTGAGE HOLDERS FOREGOING VITAL COVER According to a recent report, over a third1 of homeowners do not have life insurance, thus potentially leaving their family in the lurch if they were to pass away. Renters are risking it even more, with only 29% of tenants saying they have [...]

UK mortgage holders foregoing vital cover2024-03-14T10:52:47+00:00

Review your 2024 resolutions


REVIEW YOUR 2024 RESOLUTIONS Have you managed to stick to your new year resolutions? Undertaking a protection and mortgage review should be top of a financial to-do list for the coming year. But don’t worry if you haven’t tackled this task yet, just try to make it a priority [...]

Review your 2024 resolutions2024-03-06T16:08:29+00:00

Why life insurance is for everyone


WHY LIFE INSURANCE IS FOR EVERYONE Life insurance can be a crucial safety net for people at all life stages, but fewer than four in ten currently have a policy in place in the UK1. If you are one of the 63% without life insurance, have you considered whether [...]

Why life insurance is for everyone2023-12-12T15:36:43+00:00

Home insurance against accidents


HOME INSURANCE AGAINST ACCIDENTS Accidental damage and escape of water are the most common home insurance claims1. While we often think of threats like theft or fire, this research reveals that more home insurance claims result from clumsiness than malice. Of 76,518 claims made last year, accidental loss or [...]

Home insurance against accidents2023-11-21T15:03:53+00:00

Stress impacts mortgage applicants


STRESS IMPACTS MORTGAGE APPLICANTS A new study1 has highlighted that almost two thirds (64%) of mortgage applicants in the UK have struggled with feelings of stress and anxiety over the last year. This figure increases to 80% amongst first time buyers who are clearly finding the process challenging. With [...]

Stress impacts mortgage applicants2023-11-01T14:24:00+00:00
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